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Trying to follow (in our small way), the path of Jack Anderson (columnist of the 60s).

While not agreeing with some of Mr. Anderson's investigative tactics, we believe that investigative journalism is crucially important in our community and nation.
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Kurt Larrecou
Calistoga Picayune News
Environmental Editor / Staff Reporter
list of bona fides
Environmental Management, Water & Wastewater,
10 years as a Public Works, Engineering Technician
Over 39 years in Private Environmental Consulting throughout Northern California.


Calistoga Picayune News
Wildlife Biologist / Weather Specialist / Geoengineering / Staff Reporter
list of bona fides
U.S. Navel Trained Weather Observer. Tiros III Weather Satellite Readout Team (U.S. Navy, NASA, RCA).

State of California, Department of Fish and Game (DFG), Wildlife Biologist (38+ years).

Geographical areas covered. North Bay (Marin, Sonoma, Lake, Napa Co.’s); Wildlife inventory and assessment, State Capture Team participant 20 years, Timber harvest assessment, California Spotted owl review team and other endangered species, environmental assessment pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Quality Act (NEPA), and other Federal, State and local projects working with multiple agencies, consultants, organizations, and publics.

Presentation on Geoengineering
to the United Nations at the 60th DPI/NGO Conference

Titled Climate Change: How it impacts Us All.
Presentation titled:
“Dying Plants, Persistent Jet Clouds a Bio-restoration Alternative”

Commonwealth Club Presentation
“Manmade Climate Change in the Skies”
(Three of us made the government sponsor look really bad -This program was removed from their files).

Researched and worked with others in the beneficial microbial products for environmental remediation of water, soil, plants.
Soil and foliar applications revealed treatment potentials for multiple pathogens including Sudden Oak Death, romaine heart rot, and other heretofore untreatable mold, mildew, fungus, bacterial and viral problems, with evaluations and positive results tested and reported by Ribeiro Labs in Washington, and U.C. Berkeley. (More about this at a future date).

Research continues to this day

Help Us Grow

We now have two Certified Reporters and several Vetted Columnists. They will be reporting on EXPLOSIVE area issues. Such as, Water/Sewer, Timber Harvest Plans and River Use and Misuse. We will include historical information and how it affects the current issues.

If you feel that these issues need to be exposed to the Sunshine Disinfectant, Please DONATE to this effort.

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We do value your comments and suggestions. We are attempting to bring together concerned readers. It is toward this goal we are bringing Sunshine Disinfect to local level, expanding to higher levels of influence.

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p.s. Thank You Calistoga Tribune For Waking Up Our Neighbors

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