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Nestles Industrial Hazardous Waste Going To Calistoga’s Waste Water Plant?

February 10, 2018
Kurt Larrecou
Calistoga Picayune News
Environmental Editor / Staff Reporter

The "Calistoga Picayune" asked for Nestles License to outfall geothermal waste daily into the City sewer system.

The City stated they do not need a Business License to operate.

It is suspected that Chris Canning, is currently on the Board of Directors for this operation now known as The Calistoga Beverage Company.

The actual industrial outfall costs from the Nestles plant are absorbed by the residents of Calistoga in there newly adopted Water and Waste-Water rates.

This includes thousands of Dollars in "Cal Test Labs"
"Billings" that are added to the overall waste-water enterprise without being a separate line item for Nestles.

Please note the "Calistoga Picayune" video at Nestles Calistoga Facility…Click RightCorner to Expand.
Danniel Kientz
Calistoga Picayune News
Editor / Publisher


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