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What Happened to the Sunburned Grape Plant Article? (Click here)
Sunburned Grape Plant Article (Click here)

Kurt Larrecou
Calistoga Picayune News
Environmental Editor / Staff Reporter

The sunlight has been the engine of the annual grape production in Napa Valley for six thousand years.

The native grapes, Vitis californica ,were abundant along the creeks and water ways and springs of what would become the Napa Valley and the major water way named by the County Supervisors was changed from creek to a river to help in infill and settlement.

The native grape was a favorite of the Wappo Indians who climbed the bay, alder and cottonwood trees to pick the berries that grew 30 feet skyward along the creeks.

The Vitis vines circled the trunks and limbs of the stream side canopy as the ranged skyward in source of sunlight to sustain there providence to this very day.

The current Napa board of supervisors have embraced infill and unrestricted growth of a beautiful valley and now want to double the roads to allow more vehicles to pollute the valley to ruination of agriculture and the so called Napa Valley Experience.

he sewage flows freely to the Napa River slowly killing the very canopy that supported thousands of years of Vitis californica grapes.

he endless vehicular traffic daily poisons the very vines that are the cultivated engine of the wine industry as the cloned grapes endure a growing matrix of airborne pollutants deposited by the success of Napa Valley as a destination for all to see...

These visitors view it from limousine's, buses,motor homes, motorcycles,cars and trucks.

he sum of all the current daily pollution and the aerial spraying of the chemtrails has now gotten a foothold on the potential ruination of a once prolific agricultural valley that supported grapes for over six thousand years...


Is The Napa River Contaminated?
Calistoga - Central Park Walkway
to Berry Street?

Calistoga, CA, April 7, 2015

Calistoga Picayune News recently received a phone call from a local resident that witnessed two visiting Dogs swimming in the Napa River. Both dogs became severely ill and required medical attention by a veterinarian in Santa Rosa.

The reach of the river was from Central Park River access walkway, to Berry Street.

The Picayune directed them to a testing laboratory where they received a sterile sealed sample container which they took to the River and collected and returned to the lab for analysis .

The 100 ml sample showed 2,419.2 Coliform Present and 79.8 e.Coli.

The signed report, concluded that as of 3/30/2015, Napa River water was deemed Contaminated.

The Calistoga Picayune News, Environmental Staff Reporter, Kurt Larrecou, advised The Napa County Department of Public Health as of April 7, that was a public health threat and the River should have signage in English and Spanish advising both people and pets not to come in contact with Napa River Water in Calistoga.

The Picayune has information that this contamination may be coming from the aging sewer collection system on Washington Street since 1990.

The human health hazards from fecal coliform may indicate waterborne pathogenic diseases that include ear infections, dysentery, typhoid fever, viral and bacterial gastroenteritis and hepatitis A.

We were also alerted that a young boy who was in the river water 3 days ago came down with an illness that the doctor could not immediately identify. The family was given a copy of the report for future analysis.



April 11, 2015 The location Napa River, Calistoga,150 feet downstream from river walk-way. The Farmers Market was in full swing with the band playing as these two boys played splash your back!

Is This Because They Did Not Dredge This Summer When it Was Dry?
 Thursday, December 11, 2014
City of Calistoga is dumping water from Kimball Dam
Kurt Larrecou - Enviormental Editor 

The City of Calistoga is dumping water from Kimball Dam to prevent over-topping the Dam, from the torrential rains they started on the Wednesday before the Storm.

The water has flooded the road that accesses the Water Treatment Plant.

Napa River at Calistoga Pioneer Park
"Napa River at Calistoga Pioneer Park, Jeff Parady, of Pope Valley inspecting fish portal conveyance that serves also as a walkway in April of 2010."

Click Below For Video

Napa River at Pioneer Park 12 11 14

Thanks' for Looking..kurtlarrecoueditorheapoftheweekcopy


The Picayune endorses the "Napa River Watch" an Action Committee founded by Kurt Larrecou

"Napa River Watch" needs your help to contact the EPA concerning their new directive to ensure the future of, "Clean Water" by enforcement and active federal cooperation.

The fact is, clean streams are not just  for fish, but for the all inclusive ecological matrix, that sustain's our environment for both mankind and nature to co-exist...

The Napa Valley, is a world class environment that cannot sustain the impacts of unbridled growth that the current politicians of all it's cities and county agency's see as must needed accommodations on their immediate horizon.

This is not feasible with concerns of available resources that are currently non-existent to cope with this massive infill with regard to potable water, sewage disposal and impaired storm runoff.

The actual preservation of this agricultural valley hinges on all of us that are concerned to contact, EPA Region 9 Administer, Jared Blumenfeld.

The United States, EPA Administer is Gina Mcarthy

The EPA has just issued a press release to shape there action to preserve water quality and agricultural exemptions in the next 90 days.!OpenDocument

The concerned citizens, of Napa County, must now reply to the EPA  in a proactive summation of each of there concerns for the inclusion in the new open document above .

The State of California has turned the very agencies of enforcement for Federal Clean Water Act into self serving, hapless vultures, waiting for the carnage of deceit to become odoriferous in anticipation of the Federal EPA will then take actions.

The San Francisco Bay cannot sustain the continuing infill of Napa Valley which sends a plume of effluent toxins daily into the San Pablo Bay.

The worst portion of the Napa Valley government, and the one that must be fixed now, is the City of Calistoga , who's planning department is morally corrupt to the current industry standards of the Environmental Quality Act, The Uniform Building Code, The State of California Health Code, and all Federal Regulations.

There is no way that the Napa River can sustain itself to be an asset to the residents and farms that are dependent on the very essence of clean water that infiltrates the aquifers of there wells and there allowed intake for frost protection and irrigation.

The Napa River is impaired.

The State of California Water Resource Control Board has continued to mitigate, degradation of the Napa River, to the Federal EPA as well studied controlled acceptance.

This is not acceptable as water and must be corrected by the EPA by starting to initiate there own representative's to challenge the State of California's findings by there own scientist's.

"The Napa River" like Lake Tahoe must be made "Blue"...

Recent History of The

Below is a copy of a certified mail sent to:
Mr. John O’Hagan
State Water Rights Enforcement Section
State Water Resources Control Board

Sent by:
Grant Reynolds
Representing: Debbie O’Gorman
Discussing the Kimball Creek water rights issues.

This is presented by Calistoga Picayune news, to further clarify and document the start of the current Calistoga water Wars.

In the past Mr. Reynolds has found, difficult, limited and if not impossible access to local media.

We at Calistoga Picayune News offer to Mr. Reynolds and other interest parties access to this site and Radio Calistoga 1610 AM, to discuss Calistoga’s Troubled Waters - Calistoga Water Wars.

The letter was sent 2 months before the lawsuit was filed. The date was misstated. The Certified receipt shows January 6, 2009.

Mr. John O’Hagen
Water Rights Enforcement Section
State Water Resources Control Board

(Read Mr.Reynolds Letter)

Napa River Dewatered Below Kimball Water Treatment Plant
Calistoga's Water War's

Started May 5th 2008, as Matt Hickerson was checking the the cessation of water flow of the Napa

Matt walked upstream
and found the river bed to be dewatered and dried out with a thick scum of algae.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was to declare a "statewide drought declaration" less that a month later.

The water rights of the, "pass through water," for all dam's in California including Hetch Hetchy is determined by the State Water Boards to ensure the streams are viable for for fish, wildlife, river canopy, and residents.

Matt's significant other, Debbie O'Gorman, had the century old water rights that she and Matt determined should be used to enable the Napa River to be flowing.
They called their long time friend
Grant Reynolds (read back ground) to help intercede with the powers that be to make it happen.

Grant Reynolds, a long time fly fisherman, was no stranger to water fraud as it had bitten  him in Mammoth, California, as recent rampant development dried up the stream he lived adjacent too.

Grant took the water issue to then Calistoga city manager Jim McCann who told him to pound salt, thus a suit was filed to begin the court battle.

The investigation found numerous water-users under the radar of the State Water Board and the California Department of Public Health for both domestic use,  frost protection, and irrigation frauds that ultimately led to McCann leaving the town's employment and his long time friend Richard Spitler was hired to carry the torch of defiance by Calistoga's multiple attorneys for well over a million of dollars to date and still going.


"This the amount of water Grant Reynolds has fought for the city of Calistoga to release"

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