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Our Earliest Settlers "The People" Aka "Wappo"

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What Happened to the Sunburned Grape Plant Article? (Click here)
Sunburned Grape Plant Article (Click here)

Kurt Larrecou
Calistoga Picayune News
Environmental Editor / Staff Reporter

The sunlight has been the engine of the annual grape production in Napa Valley for six thousand years.

The native grapes, Vitis californica ,were abundant along the creeks and water ways and springs of what would become the Napa Valley and the major water way named by the County Supervisors was changed from creek to a river to help in infill and settlement.

The native grape was a favorite of the Wappo Indians who climbed the bay, alder and cottonwood trees to pick the berries that grew 30 feet skyward along the creeks.

The Vitis vines circled the trunks and limbs of the stream side canopy as the ranged skyward in source of sunlight to sustain there providence to this very day.

The current Napa board of supervisors have embraced infill and unrestricted growth of a beautiful valley and now want to double the roads to allow more vehicles to pollute the valley to ruination of agriculture and the so called Napa Valley Experience.

he sewage flows freely to the Napa River slowly killing the very canopy that supported thousands of years of Vitis californica grapes.

he endless vehicular traffic daily poisons the very vines that are the cultivated engine of the wine industry as the cloned grapes endure a growing matrix of airborne pollutants deposited by the success of Napa Valley as a destination for all to see...

These visitors view it from limousine's, buses,motor homes, motorcycles,cars and trucks.

he sum of all the current daily pollution and the aerial spraying of the chemtrails has now gotten a foothold on the potential ruination of a once prolific agricultural valley that supported grapes for over six thousand years...


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