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What Does The City of Calistoga Government, Chamber of Commerce and GUBERISM Have In Common?

GUBERISM (click for definition)
When "Calistogans" asked the city government (planning department, public works department, city council), and the Chamber of Commerce (video documentation at end of article)," Do we have the infrastructure, (e.g.. water and sewer) for the carrying capacity of these new resorts (e.g. Silver Rose, Enchanted  Forest, Indian Springs) "THE ANSWER WAS A RESOUNDING - YES"!!  
When reviewing the information below, one must come to the conclusion that the above agencies either, did not communicate with each other, mistakenly misled the public, miss spoke, deliberately misled, or to quote a Gruberism "the public was too stupid you know what's good for them".
To give you a preview of what's contained in the documents below:

  1. Moreover, the frequency of the Discharger straining or exhausting its storage capacity appears to be increasing. From 1999 through 2010, the Discharger notified the Regional Water Board only once, in 2007, that it was running out of storage capacity and would potentially need to bypass, causing runoff to the Napa River.  
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Cease and Desist Order No. R2-2014-0043 City of Calistoga

The following is an excerpt from a presentation by Chris Canning (for the chamber of Commerce, not as a person running for mayor) for the Silver Rose an enchanted forest development. This was presented at Château Calistoga. Full presentation below.

Enchanted resort rumors dispelled -- update with rumors confirmed

Full presentation below.

Calistoga Chamber Economic Landscape. Impact of Silver Rose Resort and Enchanted Resort.

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Previous civic experience left us discouraged(more-Read Comments)


We’ve Provided links and Documentation So That You Can Do Your Own Research.
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