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O'Gorman v. California State Water Resources Control Board - Case No. 34-2015-00183738

September 22, 2015
Danniel Kientz
Calistoga Picayune News
Editor / Publisher

This case was filed on September 1 2015!
(22 Days ago!)

Why are the media completely ignoring this suit?

Is it because of the following accusations contained in the suit?

"Aided and abetted"
"False representation"
"Injurious and clandestine"
"City was forbidden"
"City illegally"
"Violation of license"


Brian Leighton, on behalf of Debbie O'Gorman,file a lawsuit in Sacramento to show that the State of California Water Resources Control Board looked the other way on the Kimball Water give away of Debbie O'Gorman's inherited water rights. (


Calistoga water system recently exceeded a new drinking water standard (More)

Is This Because They Did Not Dredge This Summer When it Was Dry? (More)


Is The Napa River Contaminated?
Calistoga - Central Park Walkway
to Berry Street?

>>>>>BRAKING NEWS<<<<<

The engineer also stated that in the report
that there would be no more future water hookups as the city was at maximum daily demand of drinking water at 1.26 millions gallons a day. More

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Calistoga Water Moratorium on future hookups? 

Has the 2014 annual report has been covered up by California State Water Board (CSWP) politic’s? (More)

California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board Attachment Sheet (More)


The Picayune endorses the "Napa River Watch" an Action Committee founded by Kurt Larrecou (More)


On March 11 2015, a citation was issued to Michael Kirns, Public Works Director, for Calistoga City Drinking Water (More)


Calistoga Loses Bid To move O'Gorman Water Rights Case to Napa County (More)


Recent History of

>>>>>BRAKING NEW<<<<<
What Hapened to The Vast Amount of 30 Foot High Grape Vines?


Kurt Larrecou
Calistoga Picayune News
Environmental Editor / Staff Reporter

The sunlight has been the engine of the annual grape production in Napa Valley for six thousand years.

(More including Video)


Calistoga Picayune Investigative Analysis of Calistoga's Drinking Water from Public Records (More)


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What Does The City of Calistoga Government, Chamber of Commerce and GUBERISM Have In Common? (More)

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Previous civic experience left us discouraged(more-Read Comments)

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